“Training needs to evolve with the times…Books and guides aren’t enough anymore. Interact! Engineering has tackled that issue and succeeded. Faced with the challenge of creating a simulation of a process used by operators to manufacture many of their structures, we turned to what is usually known as a gaming device.”

Ruben Cardona – Plant Manager, Ethicon – Plant Manager San Lorenzo, PR

“We have reduced the training time for new technicians. Your work is of the highest quality and it shows in the way our technicians respond to the material. We look forward to working with you again on additional projects.”

Robert K Wells – Senior Specialist Learning & Development, Lilly Indianapolis Dry Products

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“Bien sencillo; utíl para los operadores flexibles Impresionánte!”

Coincidentally shortly after our module’s first training run, Pfizer Vega Baja reached a stunning 92% Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) on their Blister Packaging Line.

Wascar Mora – Line Setup Mechanic, Pfizer, Vega Baja, PR

“Interact! Engineering Instructional Modules are the next step toward the future in Training. Biovail places great emphasis on driving to perfection and making sustainable results happen through a well-trained workforce.”

Jorge Colom – 6-Sigma Process Improvement Manager, BIOVAIL LABS Dorado, PR

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“Agility, resilience, readiness, observation, learning, courage, vigilance, curiosity, and team spirit – these are the most critical traits needed to fight the change tornado called evolution.”
Sukant Ratnakar, Quantraz