Our Vision

My responsibility is to the operators, managers, engineers, and anyone who search for practical and sustainable knowledge. Through continuous improvement, I shall produce imaginative and innovative modules to the best of my ability. Always, I shall offer a fair price, constantly seeking to reduce my costs to maintain affordability. I will meet your goals, knowing that my clients’ success is also my ultimate goal.

Amp up your workforce energy

Interact! Engineering’s 3d cinematic e-learning modules with SCORM-compliant quizzes simulate practical work procedures with clarity. Our e-learning amps up the energy among work-teams contributing to innovative and successful process improvements.


We specialize with over 30 years in providing highly qualified candidates for the GMP environment.

  1. Contracting services,
  2. Staffing recruitment and temporary employees,
  3. Project managers,
  4. Machine operators,
  5. Quality systems,
  6. Quality Assurance,
  7. Quality control labs,
  8. Technical Services,
  9. Warehouse management,
  10. Management leaders
  11. Others.

Naperville, Illinois

Our Continuous Improvement

For us, mastering mesh, splines and polygonal modeling were essential tools for creating 3D elements. This and our streamlined workflow reduce task duration by almost 30%; allowing us to maintain affordable pricing.

Equally important is determining the Project completion date. Gantt chart planning offered a means to accurately predict the delivery date of our projects.

Here are some quality improvements:

  1. Improved object topology,
  2. Improved scene rendering quality,
  3. Created glitch-free animation in shortened time.


Popular Themes

Our most popular e-learning with Operators, Maintenance and Engineers.


Dimensional and visual accuracy of animated 3D Images allow visual impact and clarity. Captivating and dynamic content visually illustrates how complex mechanisms work!


Our practical approach to Operator training is designed for Operators at any level. Whether novice or experienced!


Interactive instructions provide step by step instructions toward solving process & machine problems. Explanatory videos enhance understanding. Ideal as a reference.

Popular Machines

Based on requests from our Customers, we present our three most popular e-learning modules.

Tablet Press

Fette 3090i Tablet Press

Capsule Filler

Bosch Capsule Filler with automatic empty capsules supply and powder feed system

Hot Melt Extrusion

Continuous Manufacturing of Oral drugs.